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Love Story By Pretty Zinny: Goodbye Forever – Episode 1

“Good bye forever”

Episode 1

My name is Rahana,
I hail from a family of seven,
Five sisters plus mum and dad,
I’m the first child and first daughter of mum and dad.
I love my sisters Cynthia, Jane, Grace and Stephanie.
The bond between us is so strong that we are each others secrets.

…. how time flies the days of our little beginning are still very fresh in my memory. I can vividly recall how Cynthia and i used to be cat and dog, always fighting for everything but now she is my favourite, my bestie!

…. so funny, I can remember how Jane surprisingly to everyone beat Grace up one morning because she mistakenly wore her undies chai poor Jane
Not forgetting our troublesome Stephanie….

Now, everyone has grown up maturity sets in, no one to check our excesses. Mum and dad already know we now need our space.

One faithful morning i woke up very excited.
I had this feeling that somewhere somehow something or someone so special will be mine that day.

It was a Tuesday morning ande nature finally decides to remind me how my two sisters are perfectly okay and happy in their relationships.

Cynthia‘s guy spoils her with lots of expensive jewelries and clothes. Their love is indescribable.

Jane‘s fiancee leaves and does business abroad and has promised to take her with him immediately he flies into the country. I bet you can’t imagine her wears and all the abroad human hairs with bomber account she has all because she has true love beside her.


He was tall, got my dream skin colour, chocolate in complexion, had an oval-shaped face that was handsomely adorned with a pair of sexy eyes that could sweep any lady in her prime off her feet, a pointed nose that sometimes made me wonder if at all he breathes properly and oh my God! How on earth am I forgetting those cute pink lips? He had this broad shoulder that was a product of hours spent at the gym house, muscular and above all knew my soft spots and how to please me… Let me not talk about his kamsautra  skills in za oza room before you all tag me shaild of the world…

Hmmm [Sighs]

I lost him…
Where on earth would I find another Bruno to love me again?
It’s been three years and I haven’t been myself again, haven’t been able to put myself together, gather my broken pieces together and to find true love again.

Everyone thinks am being stupid and crazy.
My mum always at war with me.
In her words, “…Rahana do you want to disgrace me? Look at your sisters”
But deep down my lonely heart i know what this is all about.
Are you already thinking that I will say I’m scared of giving love another chance? Oh dear, No! Yes I just said hell No!

The thing is… I can’t erase the sweet memories of Bruno each time i remember how we met and how we parted ways, it breaks my heart and this has taught me never to love again.

Oh lovelies! I know you can’t wait to find out how i met Bruno, the love bites, the sensations, the sweet memories and above all, how he got to say Goodbye Forever!

Not to worry. Come with me as I unleash my journey of love with Bruno  in the next episode of Goodbye Forever!

Next…Episode 2

I remain your favourite story teller Zinny.

Kindly share this story on your social media walls and invite your friends to join you and read.

Just 5 comments on this post and I’ll post the next episode.

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    I'm Zinny, your favourite story teller. Check out the stories section of the website to read my stories. WhatsApp Only (08169959035) Thank You!

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    One Response

    1. Goodbye Forever is a must read novella. Congratulations girl.

      Please we need more episodes.
      Some persons have reached out to us @360Flaver requesting we should post more episodes!

      Kindly find time to update the story.
      Thank you!

      by 360 Flaver on Jul 3, 2019 at 11:20 PM

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